For Healthcare Providers: BLS CPR/AED
(Approx 2 hours)
(Approx 2 hours)
Up to 5 people$375*$450
6-10 people$450*$600


For Non Healthcare Providers: American Red Cross Skills Session
 Adult CPR/AED
(Approx 45 min)
Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED
(Approx 1 hour)
Up to 5 people$325$420
6-10 people$395$600


For Non Healthcare Providers: American Red Cross Skills Session
(Approx 1 hour)
Adult/Pediatric CPR/AED/FA
(Approx 1.5 hours)
Up to 5 people$425$460
6-10 people$550$650


Additional Information:

  • All certifications (except Bloodborne Pathogens) are valid for 2 years.
  • Skill Sessions require the completion of an online course prior to the scheduled skill session.
    • AHA BLS requires a separate fee for the Heartcode BLS online course of $31 plus tax per keycode.
  • AHA manuals are required and are to be purchased through the American Heart Association.
  • Training package fees included the first 75 miles to a location. Additional miles will be billed at the current federal mileage rate.  
  • Receive 10% off training package session booked at our Aurora office.

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