First Aid & More

Standard First Aid Training

This course covers the basics of standard first aid and teaches the skills to act quickly in emergency situations. Available with an American Red Cross or American Heart Association certification.

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  • How to respond to emergency situations and activate the emergency action plan and EMS effectively
  • Determine if a victim is conscious or unconscious and how to move victim in an emergency situation.
  • Situations covered: shock, soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries, sudden illness, poisoning, bites and stings, heat and cold emergencies

Ages: 12 and up. If you are between 12-15, you must enroll in the class with a parent.

Price: $65 includes participant’s manual and PDF certification card.


Must attend all class hours and pass written and practical exams with at least an 80%. First Aid certification valid 2 years.

Bloodborne Pathogens Training (Universal Precautions)- Register

This certification is required for tattoo artists and daycare workers. It is also ideal for healthcare professionals and lifeguards. Available online to do at your own pace. In person training available for groups only. Available as both American Red Cross or American Heart Association and can only provide a 1 year certification per Colorado state law. This training has been approved by the International Childbirth Education Association for 2.0 contact hours: approval letter

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  • Discuss the bloodborne pathogens regulation issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Understand the transmission of bloodborne pathogens and how to prevent exposure incidents by following work practice controls and personal protective equipment, practicing good personal hygiene and properly cleaning and disinfecting equipment and supplies
  • How to report and follow up on employee exposures to infectious materials


Must attend all class hours. Bloodborne Pathogens Training certification valid for 1 year

Price $35

Babysitter Training- Register

Ideal for those 11+ who would like to learn safety, child care techniques, business basics, along with Pediatric CPR & First Aid certifications
Options for in person and online only trainings available.

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  • Care for babies and kids up to 10 years old
  • Keep the kids and themselves safe
  • Make playtime fun with age-appropriate games
  • Handle a variety of emergencies
  • Manage a babysitting business

Price $40 includes digital manual and PDF certification. The certification has no expiration date.

Note: We will offer in person training for groups of at least 10 individuals. Please inquire on location and pricing.

Additional Courses- Register

Wilderness First Aid, First Aid/Health/Safety for Coaches, Oxygen Administration, Epinephrine Injector & Asthma Inhaler Administration, Family CPR/First Aid

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Family CPR/First Aid- Register

The American Red Cross Family First Aid and CPR Adult and Pediatric can be accessed anytime from a desktop computer.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not provide certification. This online course prepares you to care for child and infant family members during a medical emergency until advanced medical personnel take over. This self-paced and highly interactive course includes lessons on how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies, injuries to muscles, bones and joints, sudden illness, soft tissue injuries and environmental emergencies. Customize the course to your needs and interests — take the lessons in any order and at any time — you will have unlimited access to the course for two years.

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Wilderness First Aid

If you are a Camp counselor, hiking group, or a tour guide, then this certification is right for you. This American Red Cross course covers a wide variety of emergency situations.
  • Define wilderness first aid & the difference from standard first aid, & materials for a WFA kit
  • Learn how to do a primary assessment & secondary assessment
  • Discuss calling for help from a delayed-help perspective and evacuation considerations
  • Demonstrate a field assessment for injuries to the head, chest injuries, & bone/joint injuries
  • Other situations covered: abdominal pain, severe bleeding, head injuries, lightining incidents, drowning incidents, heat-related illnesses, shock, heart attack, burn injuries, drowning, altitude illnesses, allergic responses


You must be 14 or older by the last day of the scheduled course in order to enroll.


Must have a current Adult CPR/AED certification.


$150 includes participant’s manual and PDF Certification. Price does not include CPR/AED certification.


Must attend all class hours and pass written and practical exams with at least an 80%. Wilderness and Remote First Aid certification valid 2 years.

First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches- Register

The American Red Cross First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches Online Course can be accessed anytime from a desktop computer.

This course, developed by the American Red Cross and the National Federation of State High School Associations, gives students an overview of first aid and ‘best practices’ for many first aid situations encountered by coaches. Students learn skills related to athletic injuries that may also be useful for injuries to officials, fellow coaches or spectators. Topics include: Checking an Unconscious Athlete; Asthma; Sudden Illness; Heat Related Illnesses; Wounds; Injuries to the Head, Neck and Spine; Psychological and Mental Health Problems. Students who score at least 80% on the course assessment may print a record of completion. Because CPR and AED require separate training for certification, these topics are not part of this course. Students are encouraged to register for the American Red Cross CPR/AED course as a complement to this course.

For optimal viewing of the course, please use: Chrome 12 or higher, Firefox 10 or higher, IE9 or higher, or Safari 4 or higher.

Oxygen Administration

This certification is for the American Red Cross only and covers all things about oxygen administration. Objectives

  • Understand the different types of oxygen delivery devices, precautions needed when using oxygen and the steps to administer oxygen
  • Remove disposable gloves properly
  • Administer oxygen to a breathing and non breathing victim


Adult, Child or Infant CPR issued within 1 year of course completion


Must attend all class hours and pass written and practical exams with at least an 80%. Oxygen Administration certification valid for 1 year


There is no Price listed Includes skills sheets and PDF certification card. CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer manual may be used if you already have one

Epinephrine Auto-Injection & Asthma Inhaler Administration Training- Register

This training is for those currently certified with the American Red Cross in CPR. Course covers epinephrine auto-injection training and asthma inhaler administration. Objectives

  • Identify anaphylaxis and how to care for anaphylactic shock
  • Know how to assess and document the victim’s response to epinephrine auto injection
  • Be able to communicate the allergic reaction and your care to EMS
  • Know how to appropriately handle, use, and dispose of an epinephrine auto-injector
  • Identify and care for an asthma attack
  • How to report the asthma attack and your care to EMS
  • How to use an inhaler


Current American Red Cross CPR adult or child or equivalent issued within 1 year of course completion


Must attend all class hours and successful complete a practical exam. Certification valid for 1 year


Alone $25, Add on $15 Includes skill sheets and certification card