Did you know Lifeguard Instructor Certifications that were extended due to Covid-19 shutdowns will be expiring at the end of this summer?

If you currently have a Lifeguard Instructor/Trainer Certification that was granted an extension due to Covid-19, that extension expires on August 31st. You have a 30-day grace period which means you will need to have your re-certification course completed and passed by September 30th.

After that, your certification will be valid for two years. During this time frame, you can take a shorter review-only course to renew your certification. However, if you let your certification expire, you will need to take the full-length training course to become recertified.

Have You Met All the Prerequisites for Lifeguard Training?

For all those aspiring young lifeguards, if you turn 15 this summer, you are old enough to enroll in the Lifeguard Training Course. You must pass a swim test, including:

  • swimming 300 yards continuously
  • treading water for 2 minutes
  • retrieving a 10 lb. brick from the deep water
  • exiting the water without using a ladder or stairs

To obtain certification, you must attend all class sessions (no exceptions), demonstrate competency in all rescue skills and practical exams, and pass the written exams with score of at least 80 percent.

Prerequisites for the Lifeguard Trainer/Instructor Review Course

To be eligible to enroll in the Lifeguard Instructor or Lifeguard Instructor Trainer Review course, you must have a current, or less than 30 days expired, American Red Cross Lifeguard Instructor/Trainer Certification. Instructors must have taught or co-taught a full or review core courses within the last two years. Instructor trainers must also have taught or co-taught a full Lifeguard Instructor course or two Lifeguard Instructor review courses within the last two years. All participants are required to have: 

  • instructor manual 
  • participant manual
  • hip pack
  • separate adult and infant rescue masks or Seal Easy Mask 

What Will Be Covered?

All Lifeguard courses cover the following skills and test participants on:

  • Water skills
  • First Aid
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)
  • AED (use of automated external defibrillator)

American Red Cross Lifeguard courses are designed and taught by leading industry professionals and utilize the latest safety and rescue techniques. 

Upcoming Lifeguard and Lifeguard Instructor Trainer Courses

Becoming a professional lifeguard lets you ensure the safety of children and adults enjoying their summertime activities at the pool. It gives you skills that you can use throughout life to help people should they be in danger of drowning, and what to do in an emergency requiring first aid, CPR, or an AED out of the water. From sports injuries to accidents at home, you will always be prepared to help.

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