Have you considered becoming a Water Safety Instructor? Whether you’re an individual, swim coach, or lifeguard, there are many reasons to pursue and maintain this certification. During our swim instructor training courses, you’ll learn how to safely help individuals enjoy their time in the water in a wide range of situations.

What is Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certification?
The Water Safety Instructor certification course trains students to teach classes and present topics in the American Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety program. When you earn your certification, you are qualified to educate others on the skills needed to discover water safety issues, take action to resolve them, and save lives. You will also receive updates to certifications to maintain requirements for employment at your facility.

Water Safety Instructors learn to teach things like higher-level swim skills that help prepare people of all ages for any aquatic activity. This includes stroke mechanics for all competitive strokes, including starts, turns, and headfirst entries, and fundamentals of diving from a diving board.

Why do I need it? 
WSI certification will prepare you to instruct a variety of age levels, present information to employees and the public regarding water safety, train Swim Coaches, and explain Basic Water Rescue.
By taking and passing a Water Safety Instructor training program with Safety Solved, you can help recreational swimmers, competitors, lifeguards, and other instructors meet their goals, refine their skills, and stay safe in, on, and around water. This certification is the highest level of education available. It provides the most comprehensive training for swim instructors covering Parent/Child Aquatics, Preschool Aquatics, Learn to Swim, Adult Swimming, and preset water safety guidelines and best practices.

What are the steps to become a Water Safety Instructor?
First, make sure you have the prerequisites, including:
● Completion of Learn to Swim Level 4
● Passing swim skills evaluation demonstrating and proficiently completing 25 yards of the following strokes: front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke, elementary backstroke, and butterfly; treading water for 2 minutes using only your legs and maintaining a back float for 1 minute.
● Reach the age of 16 by the end of the course

Attendance and participation is necessary for all class sessions, successful completion of all lesson plans and practice teaching assignments, and passing the written exams with at least an 80%. This is a blended learning opportunity for required in-person water instruction and assigned online coursework.

What is the WSI certification period and cost?  
After successfully completing the WSI class, participants will receive an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor certification (WSI) valid for two (2) years. Taking the Water Safety Instructor certification course costs approximately $300, and you can register here.

How much do Water Safety Instructors make? 
For those with an American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor (WSI) certification, pay ranges by an employer and could span between $30K – 52K per year for full time employment. Your organization may pay for continuing education and certification updates, as necessary.

There has been some additional Water Safety Instructor training consideration due to COVID restrictions. Pursuing and maintaining this certification may entail modifications to swim instructor training courses and schedules. Safety Solved will update you on available pools and in-person instruction throughout 2021.

Contact us with questions to find out about certification extensions, course availability, and onsite education at your facility.

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