Local Safety Training Organizations Merge

Denver, Colorado – February 4, 2016

After more than 6 years in business, Colorado-based companies, Safety Solved and Colorado Life Lessons join forces to improve service offerings and efficiencies for customers.

Safety Solved is proud to announce their merger with Colorado Life Lessons. Going forward, both entities will operate as one company, under the Safety Solved brand. Formerly the business arm of Colorado Life Lessons, Safety Solved will combine the focus of serving local businesses’ compliance training needs along with individual and group training sessions for a variety of safety matt‚ers.
The mission of Safety Solved is to offer only the highest quality, customized American Red Cross and American Heart Association trainings and certifications for local communities. These trainings include individual and team sessions for the following:

  • CPR/AED/First Aid training
  • Aquatics training- Lifeguard & Water Safety
  • Instructor training- CPR & Aquatics

All course information, including class calendars and online registration can be found on the new, upgraded website This website also features:

  • Additional items for purchase through the Safety Solved store, including manuals, OSHA Training, and gift certificates.
  • Location information for nearly 20 sites where courses are available.
  • Additional resources for instructor training, aquatics training, and CPR and First Aid training
  • Information for onsite trainings and in house staff instructors
  • Information on training equipment rentals
  • Informative articles and weekly blog posts

When asked about this merger, owner and instructor Laurian Horowitz said, “For more than half of a decade, we have worked to bring health and safety into the world on a daily basis. We have trained and certified thousands in Colorado, from children to adults. We will continue to serve local communities with the best in safety training, now more efficiently than ever.”
For those interested in additional information about the new Safety Solved, or about specific training courses, please call 303-257-9589 ext. 1, or contact directly through the website at

Contact: Laurian Horowitz
PO Box 3633, Litt‚leton, CO 80161
Ph: 303-257-9589 x8