We’re proud to announce Colorado Life Lessons will begin to offer American Red Cross Pediatric CPR/AED classes at Enso Prenatal in COLORADO SPRINGS!

Registration is now open for their classes on:
January 25th
May 17th
September 27th
December 6th

Enso Prenatal is located at 10 S 25th St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. www.ensomama.com

Enso is starting the Motherhood Revolution. Kari made the first bridge from her island to mine. We laid down competition, we set aside judgment, we put away cattiness and we opened our doors.
We are on a mission to bring women together, to bring families together.
We pledge to support you. We accept all, no matter your beliefs, no matter your parenting preferences, no matter your family model. All are accepted! All are loved! We open our arms!