RID = Recognition, Intrusion, Distraction

These 3 factors are why drownings occur when a lifeguard is on duty. It is a lifeguard’s primary responsibility to prevent injuries first and respind to injuries second.

1. The lifeguard fails to recognize a drowning.
2. There is an intrusion on the lifeguard’s primary responsibility of surveillance, ie chemical checks or cleaning the deck.
3. The lifeguard is distracted from their primary surveillance responsibility.

In this case, a 4 year old boy drowned because the lifeguard was distracted by his cell phone.

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Another factor to stress here is management. The management needs to carefully hire staff who are trained and committed to their responsibilities. Being certified doesn’t necessarily show commitment. Staff who are not committed should be fired, not just reprimanded.

We stress these important details in our classes. Potential hires should be tested before being hired and staff need continuous training after being hired. See our calendar for upcoming lifeguard trainings. Colprado Life Lessons is also available to run in service trainings for your facility.